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Publicway Cleaning
As part of our fast growing array of commercial cleaning services, we have dedicated a fleet of fully equipped mobile crews who take care of the regular cleaning of Publicway areas in many buildings all over Sussex.

We are contracted to a number of property management companies taking care of different types of residential and commercial buildings every day. Our prompt and efficient service helps our clients to provide excellent living and working conditions to their tennants. Publicway areas and common parts have always been the first point of visitors' contact with the building and their state of cleanliness is always our priority.

The service includes tasks such as: dusting and polishing all common skirting boards, windows, window frames, window sills, doors, changing bulbs if needed, vacuuming carpeted areas, mopping and polishing (buffing) hard floors, cleaning and sanitising toilets (if applicable), reception/concierge/security areas, litter picking outside the building, maintaining the bin area.

The service can be carried out on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. No matter how often we visit you, we make sure that your common areas are clean and welcoming at all times.